Minutes from August 12, 2010 Meeting

Advancing the Community Of Tahoka, Texas

Life Enrichment Center – Tahoka, Texas

6:30 pm Quorum Present: Vernon Baker, Roger Locke, Gloria DeLeon, Dee Dee Pridmore, Julia Allen

Meeting was called to order and Vernon led the Invocation. Minutes were unanimously approved as

Financial report showed a balance of $10,355.28.
Articles of Incorporation were read and minor changes were made and agreed upon by all Board Members
present. Julia moved and Gloria 2nd that the Articles of Incorporation be accepted and there was a
unanimous vote by all present.

The By Laws were read and the following changes were made after discussion:

Article 4, Sec 3: Regular meetings shall be held within the city limits of Tahoka. A meeting of the Board of Directors for the election of officers will be held at the first regular meeting following August 15th each year.

Article 4, Sec 10: Added to state that if any Director misses three or more consecutive meetings they may
be removed from the Board.

Article 5, Sec 2: In part this read “The persons holding the office of Secretary and Treasurer shall be nonvoting ex-officio members of the Board of Directors, and the office of Secretary shall be held by the City Manager’s designee and the office of Treasurer shall be held by the City’s City Manager.” This portion of the article was stricken.

Article 5,Sec 7: Added to state that the Board may appoint a director as a project manager to oversee given projects with authority given by the Board

Article 9, Sec 6: Was amended to read: An Annual Audit will be done in conjunction with the City Audit
and shall be presented to the City Council. It was also discussed that the Board will consider appointing a Youth Task Force to enlist the cooperation of our city youth.

Gloria moved, Julia 2nd and all present agreed to approve the By Laws with the minor changes stated.
The Resolution for Tahoka City Council was read but no action was required by the Board.

Training for Open Meetings training and the Public Information Act was discussed. It is agreed that all
members must attend training and Vernon will look into the possible training sites.

The Board regretfully accepted the resignation of Tommy Botkin. Gloria will look into getting a small
engraved gift for him as a token of our appreciation for all his hard work in getting the 4B sales tax passed. The resulting vacancy was discussed and after looking at numerous possible names it was unanimously decided that the Board would extend an invitation to Francis Truehart to join the Board of Directors.

It was decided that our next meeting would be held on September 20, 2010 at 6:30 at a place to be
announced. At that time we will discuss, among other things, our initial project. Each Board member was to look over community suggestions and be prepared to discuss and set an initial project.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

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