Minutes from JUNE 30, 2011

ACT – Advancing the Community Of Tahoka, Texas

Meeting First United Methodist Church – Tahoka, Texas

5:20 pm Quorum Present: Vernon Baker, Gloria DeLeon, Frances Truehart, Dee Dee Pridmore, Julia Allen,

Meeting was called to order and Vernon led the Invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Financial report showed a balance of $42,585.18

Vernon made the motion to remove Roosevelt Moore from the board and all approved. Replacements were discussed (Tim Pledger, Daniel Garvin, Brady Askew, JoJo Lawson,and Shannon Lawson) and it was
unanimously decided that Shannon Lawson would be presented to the City Council for approval.

We discussed the Welcome Sign project and discussed that we would want to use zero scape plants where possible but that plants would have to be planted in the spring. Frances will bring some plant and sign ideas for us to vote on at next meeting and we set a project completion date of Sept. 1 for all but plants at the north triangle.

We discussed the Mini Park – Phase 2 (construction). The first step of the construction phase will be the
playground surfacing. This will have a completion date of September 1. It was discussed to place new
benches near the play area possibly enlist a group or sponsor to place these.

The swimming pool project has begun however the sink and drinking fountain have not been put in place as of yet. There was a motion to spend an additional $1,000.00 at the pool to pay for stainless steel covers for the piping that has been put in place. Julia made the motion and Frances 2nd with all agreeing. The deadline for completion of the swimming pool project is July 15th.

The next meeting was set for Thursday July 14, 2011 at 5:15pm at the First United Methodist Church.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45.

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