Minutes from November 7, 2011 Meeting

ACT – Advancing the Community Of Tahoka, Texas

First United Methodist Church – Tahoka, Texas

5:20 pm Quorum Present: Vernon Baker, Gloria DeLeon, Frances Truehart, Dee Dee Pridmore, and
Shannon Lawson.

Meeting was called to order and Vernon led the Invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as

Financial report showed a balance of $57,828.88

We looked at and discussed the logo designs presented by Indigo Spin. We discussed some other variations of the designs and agreed to present Indigo Spin with our discussion and see if they could tweak the design and make it fit our needs a little better. Vernon presented some sample brochures from some area towns and it was discussed how we could promote Tahoka with something similar.

Next we discussed the Swimming Pool Project. Vernon brought that the City Pool is in desperate need of
Filter and Plumbing repairs/replacement. It is going to take some major revamping to get it operational for the next year. Vernon moved that we allocate $10,000.00 to the city to help with the filtration project. Dee Dee second and all present agreed.

The Mini-Park was discussed but we are waiting on the concrete work before we can really begin.

The 380/87 Corner was discussed. We discussed that we probably need to get with the SBA or TTU to do a feasibility study as to what would work in that area and why. Vernon mentioned the ‘Retail Coach’ who is basically someone who goes out and finds businesses to come to your town after it has been determined what is needed.

The next meeting will be called after Indigo Spin gets back to Frances with the artwork.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10.

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