Minutes from August 13, 2013 Meeting

Poka Lambro Office – Tahoka, Texas

5:30 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Roger Locke, Shannon Lawson, Frances Truehart, Stace Holland and Julia Allen

Meeting was called to order and DeeDee led the invocation. Minutes were approved as presented

Financial report showed a balance of $ 90,372.17.

Roger reported that the plumber had been working at the pool. He unstopped 3 drains outside and fixed the middle floor drain. He installed a stainless steel water fountain as well. They will work on the kiddie pool after the pool closes for the season. Roger will also continue trying to get Tony Alvarez up there to look at putting a roof over the restrooms.

The north triangle was discussed. It seems the weeds have gotten out of control and although it is the State of Texas’s place to mow that, their funding has been cut and the City of Tahoka has had to do what little mowing/weed control that has taken place. It was discussed that we need to get some landscaping done as soon as possible, hopefully before Harvest Festival. Frances will talk to the state and the landscaping company and see what can be done. It was also made known that Lyntegar has decided not to go through with the 380/87 sign. The check we had written for our half was returned and voided. We discussed some other options as to where we might want to put signage and we will continue to explore our options.

Stace has talked to 3 housing developers and is setting up a meeting with a contractor to discuss some new housing around the city.

DeeDee & Sammy, Stace and Carla, and Roger Locke took up the benches at the Mural Park and they are at Wildcat being painted “John Deere Yellow”. I spoke to a representative from Wildcat and they believe they can be redone and back in place by Homecoming which is October 4th. It was noted that the City has hired a groundskeeper who will be taking care of all City properties including the Mural and Mini Parks.

Julia stated we are ready to move the tables to the Gazebo area however, the City needs to talk to the Masonic Lodge about a lease on this property before changes can be made. Julia is also looking into some lighting for the Mini Park as vandals are attempting to destroy the benches that have been placed around the play area.

New signature cards need to be signed at the bank as Vernon and Gloria are no longer on the board. Dee Dee will contact First National Bank and get that taken care of. It was decided that Julia and Shannon would be added to the card along with Dee Dee, it will remain a 2 signature required account.

Shannon stated she is making progress with the brochures however, she needs some good pictures of iconic City buildings.

The next meeting was set for September 3, 2013 at Poka Lambro’s Office located at 1647 Ave J at 5:15.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

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