Minutes from February 4, 2014 Meeting

Lynn County Hospital – Tahoka, Texas

5:15 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Stace Holland, Julia Allen, Roger Lock, Frances Truehart and Shannon Lawson

Meeting was called to order and Julia led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $110,684.90.

The north triangle was discussed and Frances will contact TTU about the possibility of a landscape architectural student helping us to get that project moving forward.

Roger has spoken to Tony Alvarez about putting the roof over the restrooms and possibly the parent seating area as well. He also spoke to Lowery plumbing and they have agreed to come and scope the drains and give an estimate to correct those problems. Roger has someone coming to look at the lighting situation at the pool as well.

DeeDee reported that she has spoken to the art teacher and she was very excited about the possibility of her students painting the murals for the mural park. She is going to get started on the project then contact me when she has some sketches for us to look at.They discussed the possibility of having a contest to let the citizens of Tahoka have a say in what goes up there. Flowers will be placed in the planters on the benches at the mural park as soon as weather permits.

Shannon is working on brochures and should have something for us to look at soon

Stace Holland has talked to three builders about the possibility of building in Tahoka. One seemed really excited but stated the City Ordinances could be a draw back as they place curbing and street construction on the builder.

We discussed the possibility of purchasing several properties for economic development, this idea will be taken to the City Council for consideration.

Training was discussed and it was determined that all board members need to attend some training this year. There is a meeting on

Friday, May 16th and another on August 22nd and all members agreed they should be able to make one or the other.

The next meeting was set for March 4th at 5:15 at LCHD Meeting room

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

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