Minutes from February 4, 2016 Meeting

City Hall – Tahoka, Texas

5:20 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Donnis Scott, Carmen Chapa,Jerry Ford,Jr., Jack Jaquess and Julia Allen
Meeting was called to order and Julia Allen led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented. Jack Jaquess
requested that the December minutes be amended to include Barbara Jaquess’ last name be added to a new project that she brought to
the board.

Financial report showed a balance of $187,777.17

Project # 1

Donnis Scott presented that she would like to get Water Masters of Lubbock to come and make a master plan for the north
triangle project. They will come and measure the triangle then write up a plan on how many sprinklers, etc. would be required. The
cost for this master plan is $250.00 but should we decide to let Water Maters install the sprinklers, that amount would be taken off the
price of the install. It was unanimously agreed that this would be a good plan of action.

Project #2

Nothing new

Project #3

Jerry Ford had two bids for the roof of the concession stand at the pool, one from Dale Summers for $2,291.00 and one
from Tony Alvarez for 3,500.00. After some discussion on different materials that were going to be used in each bid, we unanimously
agreed to accept Tony Alvarez’ bid. Next we discussed the outdoor concrete at the pool. A concrete company had come and given a
bid of $38,287.00 for re-surfacing of 7’ out from the pool and all the way around then re-staining the remainder of the outdoor
concrete. There was no warranty given on the product or the work. After discussion it was decided that we would not act on this item
at this time. Michelle Rodriguez presented pricing for a couple of life guard chairs. After discussion it was unanimously decided that
we would request to spend up to $1,600.00 for life guard chairs.

Project #4

It has been noted that the wall that the murals were mounted on is structurally unsound making it impossible to remove the
concrete on the ground in front of the wall. This project will be put on hold until it is decided what will happen with the wall.

Project # 7

Nothing New

Project #8

Jerry Ford stated that he had spoken to Leighton Knox and they have come up with a sign that can be mounted on the
Museum wall. Jerry Ford asked for $800.00 to complete this project. It was unanimously decided we would request to spend up to
$800. 00on this sign.

Jack Jaquess presented a request from the City for 2 dump trailers that could be used for many projects around town from road repair
to clean up days and cemetery clean-up. Jack Jaquess had located 2 dump trailers with ramps and covers for approximately $6,500
each plus mileage for delivery. We unanimously voted to ask City council for up to $14,000 to purchase these trailers.

Jack Jaquess brought up the Patriot Tahoka project again stating that he had spoken to the Comptrollers’ office and it was his
understanding that we could in fact spend ACT monies on this project. After lengthy discussion including questions about who/how
this program would be implemented, Jerry Ford moved and Carmen Chapa seconded that we ask the City Council for $15,500 for this

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Next meeting is set for March 3, 2016 at 5:15, at City Hall Meeting Room

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