Minutes from June 3, 2014 Meeting

Lynn County Hospital – Tahoka, Texas

5:30 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Julia Allen, Frances Truehart and Shannon Lawson

Meeting was called to order and Julia led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $128,002.19.

Frances reported nothing new has happened with the north triangle, still waiting to hear back from landscapers.

Julia stated that Calloway Huffaker took paperwork to Leighton Knox, representative for the Masons, but the paperwork stated we were purchasing the property and the Masons wanted it to be a lease agreement for now, Calloway will re –draw the papers.

Dee Dee reported nothing new is happening with the mural park.

Julia moved that the downtown decoration project be moved to advertising, Frances seconded. Shannon will now be over this project. She will get with Retha Pittman and go over the catalogue and get those ordered.

Shannon reported that the News office has the Tahoka brochures and should have them printed up soon.

New Business:

Julia stated she had visited with the City Manager and Mayor about the direction we would like to see the ACT board go. They would also like to see us contact some local businesses and see if we could provide some small business loans. They told Julia that from time to time Lynn Co Trust has properties that could possibly be sold to incoming businesses. We discussed the idea of holding a Small Business/Home Business Fair to let the community become familiar with all the businesses we do have here in town.

Julia stated Calloway told her it would be good if someone from the ACT board could contact Mr. Brewer about his land near Cardi’s café. Frances agreed to call him and see what his intentions are with that property and to let him know that if he wanted to sell it the

ACT board would be interested in acquiring it for a possible Motel/Hotel location.

The City Council was given our recommendations for the vacancy on the ACT board as well as further info on The Retail Coach. Both of these items will be up for discussion at the next City Council Meeting.

Julia and Frances gave a report from the TEDC meeting they attended last month. They stated it was very informative and a little repetitive but over all they came away with some good information to get us moving towards economic development.

The next meeting was set for July 1, 2014 at 5:15 at LCHD Meeting room

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

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