Minutes from May 6, 2014 Meeting

Lynn County Hospital – Tahoka, Texas

5:15 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Stace Holland, Julia Allen, Frances Truehart and Roger Locke

Meeting was called to order and Stace led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $124,158.49.

Julia stated that Calloway Huffaker is drawing up paperwork for the Masons to sign giving us the land around their building. Mr. Huffaker is also going to see if the First United Methodist Church would give or sell the part of the park that they own.

Julia stated the City of Tahoka wanted more information on what The Retail Coach could/would offer us prior to approving the funds for that venture. Julia will obtain that info and take it to the next Council meeting.

Roger presented a work order for $1,430 to Mueller for metal and materials for three awnings to be built at the swimming pool (one on the NE corner, one in the middle and one on the NW corner). Tony Alvarez quoted us $300.00 for his part to build the awnings.

Sherwin Williams Paint came and talked to Roger about the type of paint and primer that would be best suited for the restrooms and concession stand. They suggested Marine grade paint that would adhere to the cinder block better and would be able to be cleaned. Stated it would need sand blasting, primer then paint. They will get back to him with a quote soon. Roger talked to the school superintendent about using the school’s equipment to clean out the sewer lines. Roger will clean out all the lines he can and then
contact a plumber to look at the rest. It was discussed that the lights need to be fixed at the pool, Roger will talk to Lee Lehman and see if he can work on them.

Julia will see if Calloway will contact Mr. Brewer about his land near Cardi’s café. It has been discussed that this would be a perfect location for a Hotel/Motel.

It was discussed that the City would like us to look at replacing the Christmas Décor downtown. Julia had gathered some info on banners that could be placed on the light poles. These could then also be used for other projects such as advertising Harvest Festival or a Shop at Home promo. We unanimously approved for up to $5,000.00 to be used for this project.

Possible new members were discussed as follows: Ty Askew, Jerry Ford, Jr., Elizabeth Tew, Kim Hammonds. This list will be given to City Council for consideration.

The next meeting was set for June 3, 2014 at 5:15 at LCHD Meeting room

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm.

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