Minutes from September 2, 2014 Meeting

Lynn County Hospital – Tahoka, Texas

5:25 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Julia Allen, Frances Truehart and Shannon Lawson

Three member of the Tahoka Little League presented a proposal for the ACT board to help with creating a new baseball field at the baseball complex located on south 8th St. They stated the current field does not meet league requirements for major league games. They currently have to travel to every major league game. If built, the field could host games and tournament play. Julia was going to email them some forms to complete for the requested money. They stated that to date they have had someone donate the dirt work and part of the labor on the laying of the grass. We discussed some possible grants that could also help. The ACT board looks forward to seeing their proposal.

Meeting was called to order and Julia led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $141,795.62.

Frances has spoken to TXDOT and should be getting the blueprints soon for the north triangle so we can move forward with landscaping.

Project 2

has been tabled until land disputes are settled.

Project 3

has been tabled until new members are chosen. Dee Dee reported that light posts will be painted and flowers will be in planters before homecoming which is September 26, 2014. She will also be getting a bid to re-do the concrete at the mural park and will get estimates for building a gazebo to be placed on the new concrete. DeeDee will talk to the new art teacher before next meeting and report see if the art class would be interested in working on the murals for the park.

Project 5

has been tabled until new members are chosen.

After a minor change on the brochures, it was decided that we would order 1,000 of them and some acrylic holders so they may be placed around town. Shannon continues to be in contact with the City about Christmas décor.

Since Retail Coach has never contacted us we have decided to drop that for now. Shannon & DeeDee met a gentleman at the TEDC conference that stated he could help us get some contacts etc. Dee Dee is in contact with him and will bring his recommendations to the next board meeting.

Frances continues to work on possible land acquisitions.

Three new members are now needed for the board with the resignation of Stace Holland. The following people were discussed as new members: Jerry Ford, Jr, Michael Duncan, Ronnie Jolly, Carmen Chapa, Rhonda McNeely, Cassie Martin, Cathy Ross, Rachel Case and Pam Elrod. Julia will speak to a few of them and make recommendations to City Council.

The next meeting was set for October 7 , 2014 at 5:15 at LCHD Meeting room

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

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