Minutes from January 6, 2015 Meeting

Poka Lambro Office – Tahoka, Texas

5:20 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Julia Allen, Frances Truehart, Shannon Lawson, Jerry Ford, Jr., and Michael Duncan.

Meeting was called to order and Jerry led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $157,117.45.

New members, Jerry Ford, Jr and Michael Duncan were welcomed and given a quick overview of procedures. Julia reported that the TEDC has a seminar in San Antonio in February that the new members might want to attend. Approximate price for this training would be $1,400 apiece. This price should cover the travel as well as the $700.00 cost of the seminar. Julia also mentioned a conference on small business loans in Austin that she was interested in. The cost is $200.00 plus travel fees, it is a one day conference.

Frances states that she is still unable to get the blueprints from TxDOT on the north triangle. After some discussion it was determined she should check with the Brownfield regional office and if still unable to find it have the landscape company draw up a new blueprint/master plan that would include the current trees and signage along with new zero scape landscape.

Julia stated that FUMC has not accepted our proposal to purchase the lots at the Mini Park yet. We have however, signed the lease agreement with the Masons on their portion of the park.

It was noted and discussed that some of the hardware for the banners had come undone. Shannon was going to check to see what the problem was (bad equipment or installation).

Julia stated that Tejas Housing had approached three different land owners about purchasing property to build houses on and the land owners were either un-interested in selling or wanted and extremely large amount of money so they backed out of building in Tahoka.

Jerry Ford Jr stated he would approach Bill Chancy about possible land acquisitions.

The next meeting was set for February 3. 2015

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

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