Minutes from May 7, 2015 Meeting

Poka Lambro Office – Tahoka, Texas

5:15 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Jerry Ford,Jr., Michael Duncan, Donnis Scott and Carmen Chapa

Meeting was called to order and jerry led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved as presented.

Financial report showed a balance of $164,708.66.

Project #1

Carmen reported that although she had talked to several people, no one seems to know where the original blueprint for the north triangle may be. Michael stated he looked at it and there is a water junction box approximately 5-6 feet behind the sign. Carmen and Donnis stated they would team up on this project and see if they can get moving forward on the zero scape and possible some different lighting.

Project #2

It was noted that the new metal covers have been placed over the picnic areas at the Mini Park and work is in progress on the Gazebo.

Project #3

Jerry Ford Jr stated that he has a verbal bid from John Wilson to fix the circulation problems in the kiddie pool and possibly the plumbing in the boy’s bathroom. John Wilson stated he would furnish all the materials at cost and not charge labor costs, this should allow him to come in under the $10,000.00 budget barring any unforeseen problems.

Project #4

DeeDee Pridmore stated that only 2 entries were made to the mural contest even though it was on the front page of the paper 2 weeks. Both entries were submitted to Elite Signs so that they can get us a bid on the printing and installation of the mural pieces. It was discussed that we will probably need to have a called meeting to discuss this project after the bid is received if we want it to be done before the Centennial celebration on 6-20-15.

Michael Duncan discussed some land he has for sale on N 2nd Street. There is a house at 1501 Ave. N which needs some repair (he has already talked to a contractor who will do the cabinet work and replace some sheetrock for $4,000. Michael feels that with that investment plus some windows and refinishing of floors the house would be ready to sell/rent. The house sits on 4 lots which consist of the entire ½ of the block on N2nd side from Ave N to Ave O. He is asking $40,000.00 for this property. Michael then left the meeting so that we could discuss the project. The board was hesitant because we had concerns over who would mow and take care of the property until the lots were sold. There was also some discussion about tearing down the house and selling the lots individually. After much discussion it was finally decided that we would present it to the City Council and let them give us some direction on this

Michael Duncan announced that he would be leaving the ACT board as he is moving out of town. He stated he had talked to Matt Woodley and Scottie Olivan and both had expressed an interest in being on the board. Their names will be presented to the next City Council.

The next meeting was set for June 4, 2015at 5:15.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm.

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