I. 5:15 pm the meeting was called to order. Jerry Ford led the invocation. In attendance
was Julia Allen, Jerry Ford, Jack Jacques, Carmen Chapa and Dee Dee Pridmore.

II. The minutes were presented by Julia and the motion to approve was made by Julia and
seconded by Jack with correction to the Improvement Project to add Façade in front of the
Improvement Project.

III. The financial report – Carmen motioned to approve and Jerry seconded therefore they
were approved.

IV. Discussion & Action on current Approved Projects.

A. Project #1

North Triangle Project – TX DOT sent the city a letter stating they would
not approve any changes to this area. Therefore this project is being removed from our
discussion. Jack motioned to cancel this project, Carmen seconded and the motion carried.

B. Project #2

Mini Park – City changed our proposal from a 4 ft. wide sidewalk to a 5 ft.
wide sidewalk and then approved $1,200 to fund this project.

C. Project #3

Swimming Pool – there was nothing to report.

D. Project #4

Downtown Mural Park – we have everything in place just waiting for the work to begin.

E. Project #7

Baseball/Softball Complex – there was nothing to report as the group has
not gotten together.

F. Business Facade Improvement –

Jack made a motion that the ACT Board take this on
as a project, Jerry seconded the motion and the motion carried. There was discussion as to the
changes we wanted to make to the document. These changes have been made, Julia will type
them up and present to the next business meeting. Also, documents as to agreements will be
prepared as discussed.

G. Promotions –

nothing to report

V. Discussion of items and possible future projects.

A. Ports to Plains: – City Council approved the funding for the ACT Board to be a
member of this committee.

B. Painting of the Water Tower – nothing to report or take action.

C. City Town Crier – this was tabled to gather more information.

D. Media in Community Room – this has been tabled to see if this project needs to be
expanded to determine to see if more equipment needs to be added and to possibly add the Life
Enrichment Center.

VI. Public forum

High Plains of Texas, this is a group that will promote the city of Tahoka if we join and
provide information for businesses to move to our town. The annual fee is $1,000 a year.
Economic Development Committee Training – there is training August 26th in Lubbock
at a cost of $175 per person. There will be no motel expense for the seven ACT Board members
since the training is in Lubbock. There will be meal and travel expense for each member. It is
recommended all ACT Board members attend this course.

VII. Next meeting is August 4, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 – Jerry made the motion and Carmen seconded, the motion carried.

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