5:24 pm the meeting was called to order. Jerry Ford led the invocation. In attendance was Julia Allen, Jerry Ford, Jack Jacques and Abraham Vega.

The minutes Julia made the motion to approve and Jack seconded, the minutes were approved

The financial report – Abraham made a motion to approve, Jerry seconded and the report was
approved unanimously. The financial report shows a balance of $195,827.50. There was some
discussion as to setting a minimum balance for the Act Board Account but no decision was ever

Project 1 –

$41,759 is the amount approved by the City Council for the Triangle Project.

Project 2 –

Julia requested a handicap access to the Mini Park. This involves cutting the curb
and placing a ramp from the north side of the park to the gazebo with a 4 foot sidewalk from the
ramp to the gazebo and then a 4 foot walk from the gazebo to the center play area. The ramp
would be a 5 foot by 6 foot area with handicap parking on either side of the ramp. This would all
be constructed out of concrete. A bid raw received for $980 to complete this project. Discussion
ensued and motion was made by Jerry with a second by Abraham. The motion was approved
with Jack voting against.

Project 3 –

There was a discrepancy in measuring the pool therefore there needs to be an
additional $1,647.50 approved to finish paying for the mats around the pool. Jerry recommended
approval with Jack providing a second and it passed unanimously.

Project 4 –

nothing new

Project 7 –

nothing new

Project 8 –

closed as it has been completed.

Improvement Project – there was lots of discussion about this project but we did not feel we
were ready to make some hard decisions, therefore this matter was tabled again and everyone
was encouraged to come to the meeting next time with some concrete recommendations.

We were presented with a project to replace the town crier with a more up to date board. There
was lots of discussion and even questioned if this was a legitimate expense for the ACT Board.
Jack motioned to hold off so we could receive more bids, Jerry seconded the motion and it
passed unanimously.

We were presented with a project to take the community room and improve it by adding wifi, a
large screen TV and lap top computer to bring the room were presentations could be presented in
a more professional manner. There was much discussion and then Jerry made a motion to table
this matter for further investigation, Jack seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:14 with Jerry making the motion, Abraham second and approved

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