Minutes from March 3, 2016 Meeting

City Hall – Tahoka, Texas

5:15 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore, Donnis Scott, Carmen Chapa, Jack Jaquess and Julia Allen

Meeting was called to order and Julia Allen led the invocation. The minutes were unanimously approved with spelling corrections.

Financial report showed a balance of 198,005.72. Jack Jaquess inquired if we were accruing interest on our checking account and if we had considered biding out our checking account with the local banks. It is the boards understanding that our checking account cannot be interest bearing. And in the interest of frugality it would seem unwise to change banks and have to purchase checks without gaining any benefit from the change. Julia reported that City Council approved $3,500.00 for the roof work at the pool and $1,600.00 for new lifeguard chairs. They also approved $800.00 for the sign at the museum and $14,000.00 for dump trailers however, Jerry Webster is doing some research on the trailers prior to purchase.

Project # 1

Donnis Scott presented a design by Designscapes of Lubbock for the north triangle. Their bid was $41,759.01 for a zero scape plan. Donnis was going to talk to Nash and Associates about the north triangle and the Veterans Memorial across from the Courthouse. Nash & Associates did Floydada’s entrance sign and the board members that have seen it said it was very nice.

Project #2

Nothing new

Project #3

Michelle Bertreaux reported that 806 Concrete gave her a bid of $49,680.00 to replace all the concrete at the pool and Devin Concrete gave a bid of $39,714 to overlay the existing concrete. The overlay would have a 2 year warranty. It was discussed about whether or not it was prudent to spend large amounts of money on our existing aging pool. After some discussion Michelle Bertreaux suggested we just put mats around the pool for now and visit the concrete issue at a later date. It was unanimously approved to ask the City Council for $4,000. 00 for restaurant grade mats around the pool for now. City Manager, Jerry Webster asked us to consider paying for part of the sand blasting that needs to be done before painting. He had two quotes for sandblasting, Bassinger Sandblasting was $5,492.00 and Marin Painting & Sandblasting was $5,043.00. After some discussion this item was tabled for now.

Project #4

Nothing New

Project # 7

Julia Allen will set up meeting with all interested parties. It was noted that Leah Taylor offered caliche from Short farms for the baseball park project.

Project #8

Nothing New

Jerry Webster also wanted us to consider paying for ½ of the painting of the water tower on US 380 and Ave P. The total bid for painting was $43,130.00 with $7,500.00 of that being for wordage on the water tower. ½ of the remainder would be $17,815.00. It was discussed that it is a needed project as it is in disrepair. No action was taken.

The Patriot Tahoka project has been tabled by City Council until it can be determined who/how it will be implemented.

New members to replace Shannon Lawson were discussed as follows. Abraham Vega, John Wilson, Tim Pledger and Ronnie Jolly

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Next meeting is set for April 7, 2016 at 5:15, at City Hall Meeting Room

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