Minutes from September 1, 2016 Meeting

City Hall – Tahoka, Texas

5:15 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore,Carmen Chapa, Jack Jaquess, John Wilson, Abraham Vega, Julia Allen and Jerry Ford Jr

Meeting was called to order and Jerry Ford, Jr led the invocation. The minutes were approved with a change to show that the August meeting adjourned at 7:05pm. Jerry Ford Jr let the board know that this would be his last meeting as he is moving out of state.

Financial report showed a balance of $210,059.47.

Project #2

Waiting on Mitch Raindl to pour handicap ramp.

Project #3

Tony Alvarez is getting us a quote from Metal Mart on the metal to replace the roof that was blown off in wind storm. John Wilson will be taking over as project manager for the swimming pool in Jerry Ford Jr.’s place.

Project #4

City Council did not vote on whether or not to accept our recommendation to have Rust Cook take the walls down. Julia Allen asked that we have Elite Signs and Design remove the murals some time in October to get ready for the walls to come down.

Project #7

Julia Allen has called and cannot get all parties involved to agree on a meeting time so Jack Jaquess moved that we remove it from the agenda until someone wants to take action . DeeDee 2nd the motion and all approved.

Project #9

Julia Allen will talk to Jerry Webster about the Façade project.

The Port to Plains meeting is September 13-15 and Jack Jaquess will be attending. Julia Allen is not going to be able to attend due to her job, she offered for anyone else to go who would like.

High Ground will come to our next meeting and make a presentation. Jack Jaquess suggested we invite the school board, city council, county commissioners, chamber of commerce, hospital board and business leaders to come hear what he has to say. And on October12 they will hold classes that will be geared to our part of the country.

After some discussion, Jack Jaquess made a motion that we offer to pay $5,000.00 towards the Town Crier. John Wilson 2nd the motion, all others agreed except DeeDee Pridmore who abstained from voting.

We again discussed Websites. The City of Tahoka pays a company $20.00 a month to maintain their website but we were unsure what the original cost was. Jack Jaquess had talked to a company that has built websites for several large corporations, their base fee was $3,500.00 to start and unsure what monthly maintenance fees would be. They are a local company with local people. DeeDee will also check with Poka Lambro to see who built theirs and what the cost was. John Wilson stated the importance of having a professional website.

Members were asked to gather names of possible new members to present to the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 :00 pm.

Next meeting is set for October 6, 2016 at 5:15, at City Hall Meeting Room

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