Minutes from January 5, 2017 Meeting

City Hall – Tahoka, Texas

5:25 pm Quorum Present: Dee Dee Pridmore , John Wilson, Carmen Chapa, Tim Pledger, and Julia Allen.

Community members in attendance: Barbara Jaquess, Jerry Webster & Cathy Ross

Meeting was called to order and John Wilson led the invocation.

The minutes were approved after adjustment to time adjourned, it should have read 6:15

Financial report showed a balance of $230,947.52.

Project #2

Julia has been in touch with Mitch Raindl and he will get started when weather allows

Project #3

John Wilson spoke to Tony Alvarez who said he would look at the Pool roof after stripping season. He did state he was going to fortify the roof with additional beams before putting new roof on. John will get with Tony to see what kind of $ he thinks it will take to replace the roof and then the ACT board can decide if that is a project we want to do.

Project #4

The Murals are down at the Mural Park. Rusty has halted work on the removal of the wall until he can get with Leighton Knox as his roof laps over the walls we need to remove and we need to see how he wants us to proceed. Dee Dee Pridmore will remind Jerry Webster that we have approved $8,500.00 for that project and determine if that will still be enough to complete the

Project #9

Julia Allen gave all ACT members copies of the Façade Project for our files. She will get with Juanell Jones at LynnCounty News to put something in the paper to let business owners know that this program is now available.

E. After some discussion it was unanimously approved request the City Council approve $1,000.00 for the ACT Board to join the High Ground of Texas.

F. Dee Dee Pridmore moved that we set aside $4,500.00 for an advertising budget so that when opportunities arose to advertise we could do so without having to wait for funds to be approved. This was unanimously agreed upon. Tim Pledger presented information on a website he would like to build for us. He will get us some dollar amounts for web hosting and other cost and present to next

G. Austin states there are no term limits for officers of the ACT board as long as the current officers agree to keep serving. The ACT board agreed since most of our members have less than 1 year on the board that they would like to get a little more familiar with procedures before taking the office of president. Carmen Chapa did agree to take the office of Secretary and Dee Dee Pridmore will continue as Treasurer. Julia Allen will continue as president.

Public Forum: Jerry Webster asked that a copy of each month’s agenda be mailed to both he and Mayor Baker.

The Senior Citizens is in need of donations to renovate their new building. Julia Allen will check to insure this is a project the ACT board can contribute to. Jerry Webster asked if we would revisit the Town Crier project.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Next meeting is set for February 2, 2017 at 5:15, at City Hall Meeting Room

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