Minutes from October 21, 2019 Meeting

Tahoka Economic Development Board held its regular Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at City Hall. The following board members were present: Bill Schoemann, Worth Whitworth, Joe Craig, and Monica Stephens.

The meeting was called to order by Bill and Joe led the invocation. The minutes from the June Meeting were reviewed and approved.

The financial report stated that there was a rebate check for $5,999.91. There was a check to Lynn County Senior Citizens for $50,000.00, leaving a balance of $331,432.79.

The Board discussed that the City Attorney would be working on a contract for the new Economic Development Director. Bill made a motion to approve the purchase of a new cell phone and laptop which was seconded by Worth.

A motion was made by Worth and seconded by Joe to adjourn. Being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Bill, Worth and Joe worked on budget after the meeting.

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