Article Courtesy of Lynn County News

David Partlow, Director, Economic Development, 806-201-0237, [email protected]

The Tahoka Economic Development Corporation is pleased to partner with award winning technology firm Localintel to launch an online interactive tool to help engage local business, attract new investment and drive economic development. The Business & Investment Assistant tool is focused on the City of Tahoka and combines location and market data, GIS technology, educational content and an advanced user experience in one fully integrated online solution.

“We expect the tool to serve as our online economic development assistant to ensure that the business community grows and thrives” said David Partlow, Director of the Tahoka Economic Development Corporation. “The tool provides access to valuable information that highlights the essential concepts required to analyze data correctly and ask the right questions in order to make smarter and better business decisions.”

“We encourage local businesses to go to our web site www.Tahoka.org  and get familiar with what is available on-line, then contact us to help them with their efforts to start a business. The software is located at the bottom of the start page. To best familiarize yourself with the tool, click on the How To Box.” He concluded.

Localintel is a tech start-up that was founded in 2015 to meet the economic development needs of municipalities and help support their businesses. Localintel’s platform has received numerous awards and is currently been utilized by recognizable cities such as Seattle, Cleveland, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Fort Lauderdale among others. For more information, visit Localintel.co.

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