Hello world!

This is our first official news from the Tahoka Economic Development Committee. Our former website did not have a news feed, so we were unable to get news out in a timely and efficient manner.

With this news feed, we hope to keep the citizens of Tahoka up on what we are doing as a committee to help grow the economy here in Lynn County. Of course, we need you to do your part as well.

Subscribe to our news feed and read our newsletter, which we will only send once a month.

What else can you do to help us grow the economy in Tahoka?

We are going to be growing our Facebook page, sharing information on LinkedIn with professionals throughout Texas and the U.S., and striving to be a proactive force in the South Plains. Our mission is to both grow the economy in Tahoka AND maintain our wonderful, peaceful way of life.

This can be a challenge, but the challenge is best met when all do their part.

For instance, most people know by instinct that when there is a job opening, the best folks to fill it are friends. We like working with people we like. So, we ask our brother-in-law, best buddy, or someone else we want to work with to apply. Then, we put in a good word with our boss.

And most businesses know that when co-workers like each other, the business thrives. Productivity increases along with profits. Raises can be given. Everyone wins.

When it comes to attracting new business to Tahoka, we can take the same approach.

If you know someone who owns a business in another state and has been talking about expanding, invite them to check us out. If you like them, chances are we will too.

No Growth for the Sake of Growth

What we are saying is simple: We do not want to grow simply for the sake of growth. We want to attract businesses and companies we respect, admire, and know will contribute to our community. We want to attract businesses our neighbors can respect, because only then will the business thrive. When the company and community both thrives, everyone wins.

In this way, we not only grow our economy, but maintain our excellent way of life.


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